Steel Veneer Nail Chain Necklace

Steel Veneer Nail Chain Necklace

SKU: 01013

A necklace that is truly as tough as nails... because it is made of them. This handmade steel necklace is made from individually bent veneer nails into round shaped chain links. It may be made of nails, but you could never tell from how comfortable it is when worn. It has a good weight to it that comes from the high quality and strength of material used, and allows it to move and sit on the neck beautifully. Highly polished to allow the natural gunmetal tone of steel to shine, the quality and craftsmanship will speak for itself.


Steel is highly durable, non-tarnishing and guaranteed to last everyday wear and tear with little to no change. So no need to worry about being careful or having to maintain it. It should withstand most things and still look as new as the day you bought it.


  • Each piece hand crafted and quality checked to meet requirements.
  • Highly polished finish that will last a lifetime.
  • Made completely from steel which is, waterproof and rust-resistant.
  • Low maintenance and extremely durable.
  • Comes in multiple lengths made to order, to ensure it fits you perfectly, just the way you want it to look.

To find out which size is best for you, use the following guidelines and select the size under the product options.



Our necklaces come in a range of set available sizes. To check which one is right for you, you can get a piece of string or tape measure to test the length options below and check how they sit on your body. We also have a general guide for you to reference below:



Length Style
14 inches collar style ; tightly around neck
16 inches choker style ; tightly around base of throat
18 inches princess style ; on the collarbone
20-24 inches matinee style ; between the collarbone and the bust
28-36 inches opera style ; on the bust or an inch or two below
36-42 inches rope style ; wrapped to sit on the centre of the bust



Length Style
18 inches base of neck of smaller male
20 inches collarbone (most common size)
22 inches a few inches below the collarbone
24 inches above the breastbone