Minimalist, sleek and contemporary jewellery designed and handmade in London from Michelle Lung. Completely vegan brand making precious jewellery without the precious materials.

Striving to deliver subtle, simple jewellery with a unique edge, made to a solid, high quality and craftsmanship.

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Michelle Lung is a London born and based designer working solely from her small workshop at home. Through studying on a jewellery design course at Central Saint Martins, she grew a passion for combining her natural instincts for designing and making into the field of jewellery.

She is inspired by themes surrounding the digital era we live in now, minimalistic and sleek aesthetics, and how we live in a state of constant flux and change.

Passionate about using and exploring the possibilities of non-precious and alternative materials in her work, she strives to introduce new ideas of what is deemed "precious" in jewellery.



Drawn towards a more sleek, minimalistic style but always with a subtly unique edge, the pieces are designed to be gender neutral, neither more feminine nor more masculine, fit for anyone who desires them.



With intention behind every material chosen, and as a vegan herself, she has consciously chosen to ensure all materials and tools used are 100% vegan and cruelty free, but without compromise of quality.


From the beginning of the design process all the way up to the packaging, eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable options are chosen wherever possible, and she is continually trying to source and find better options.


No material is deemed more precious or valued in her eyes, so she loves to experiment with different materials, to hopefully familiarise more people with unconventional materials rather than the typical "precious" ones we associate to jewellery.

Design, concept, craftsmanship & treatment of materials bring quality and preciousness to her work. Not the material itself. 

All handmade by Michelle herself, she ensures all her work meets her high standards of quality, finish and detail to match her vision.